Composite Racks


Ultra Lightweight Component Racks

We have developed a proprietary composite manufacturing process and are currently supplying our customers with Ultra-Lightweight Rack solutions. These innovative, optimized racks are on average reducing weight by over 62% from their previous aluminum construction.

We have the ability to develop and certify a replacement rack for your existing installation, using test and computation, or develop a new custom rack to meet your specific needs. All of our racks are designed to provide isolation or may be adapted for hard mounting.

Some of our customers are concerned with grounding properties of Composite Racks. Rest assured that ODA will satisfy your specific grounding needs with innovative lightweight grounding features.



Pull Test

ODA Aviation Group, LLC tests prototype carbon fiber gusseted two bay rack assembly for commercial derivative military platform aircraft. Rack weighs 54 lbs and was tested to 6,400 lbs in the forward direction.